Estate Tax Planning

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Estate Tax and Inheritance Tax Planning

You've signed your will or trust and made sure your family members will be taken care of when you die. Have you also taken into account what percentage of your assets will be eaten up by inheritance taxes? Depending on your net worth at your death, your estate could be subject to both federal and Massachusetts estate taxes. Currently, the top federal estate tax rate is 46 percent. That's a big chunk of your hard earned savings.

Discuss Your Estate Plans with Experienced Estate Tax Planning Attorneys

The first spouse to die can leave an unlimited amount of assets to a surviving spouse tax free. However, this often guarantees that the surviving spouse's estate will be subject to an estate tax upon his or her death. In addition, the estates of single people will always be subject to a tax if the estate is substantial. That said, it pays to discuss your estate plans with experienced estate tax planning attorneys who can help prevent losing more of your estate to taxes than is necessary.  Passing with probate issues involves a whole new set of issues around Probate Taxes.

Help Protect Your Beneficiaries from Probate Court and Probate Taxes

Machado & Carden provides inheritance tax law advice to people who are serious about saving their estates from state and federal taxes. The firm's inheritance tax lawyers offer more than sixty combined years of elder law and estate tax planning experience. They will explain the financial strategies and legal options that are available to help protect your beneficiaries from probate court and excessive taxes upon your death.

The firm offers a full range of individualized estate planning services:

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